Skydiving in Southend on Sea

For the ultimate adrenaline seeking experience, there is nothing quite like skydiving which involves plummeting through the air under the forces of gravity whilst reaching speeds of up to 120 mph at around 10000-15000 feet!
Stepping out of the plane door at over 13,000 feet you'll be attached to your expert instructor as you drop to earth at an outstanding 120 mph!
But you won't just be a passenger as you step out into a heart beat raising drop, feeling the rush of the air around your body.
As the canopy is opened at five thousand feet you'll feel the snap and change of pace as you gently float to earth below the canopy for a breathtaking float back to the ground near to Southend On Sea Essex.

Experience Days Pro

Experience Days Pro in Southend on Sea

If you're trying to find that once in a lifetime parachute drop close to Southend On Sea Essex, look no further than Experience Days Pro. With sky dive locations nationwide Experience Days Pro can offer a once in a lifetime skydiving experience for you.
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Virgin Experience Days

Virgin Experience Days Southend on Sea

A Skydive is the ultimate experience for those seeking a thrill. Whether it's a gift for a loved one, for yourself, or you’re skydiving for charity, we’ll find you the best experience at the best price. Our tandem skydives near to Southend-on-Sea start at £285 with Virgin Experience Days.
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