Unique metal recycling project sees £12,000 donated to Havens Hospices

Havens Hospices has received a £12,000 donation thanks to the council’s Bereavement Services and the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM).

Two Southend council representatives, posing for a photo with a member of Havens Hospice. They are all holding a giant NatWest check for 12,000 pounds.

The ICCM initiative, a unique recycling scheme that recycles the metal from orthopaedic implants following cremations, has been running since 2006 in partnership with a family run Dutch company called Ortho Metals.

Following a cremation the remains may contain metals from orthopaedic implants such as hip or knee replacements. These metals are recycled through a specialised company contracted by the ICCM with the proceeds shared between a host of charities and organisations, associated with bereavement and bereavement support. The Councils Bereavement Services submitted a nomination on behalf of Havens Hospices to the ICCM for consideration.

Cllr John Lamb and Kevin Watkins, assistant bereavement and parks operations manager were delighted to present the £12,000 donation to Louise Gloyne from Havens Hospices. The charity carries out amazing work, supporting those with complex or incurable conditions, and their families, in either their own homes or at one of their hospices.

Cllr John Lamb, cabinet member for regulatory services, said “We are delighted to make another donation through this unique recycling scheme to Havens Hospices; a remarkable local charity providing amazing care and support to adults and children with complex or incurable conditions, and their families.

“Havens must raise over £85,000 each week to be there for everyone who needs them, and so this is a small but important contribution towards that.

“We would like to thank the families and friends of the deceased who allow us to participate in this scheme and I hope they can find some comfort in the gift their passing has given to others.”

Louise Gloyne, Senior Fundraising Officer at Havens Hospices, says, “As a charity, we rely heavily on donations, so we are very thankful to accept this generous gift from the Council and ICCM.

“Thanks to our supporters, we can continue to provide specialist care and support for people of all ages who are living with incurable conditions and their families in the local community, so they can get the most from life and make every day count.”

For more information about Havens Hospices, or to donate please visit their website.

Published: 7th June 2023

Southend-on-Sea City Council