Shoebury Garrison: Bomb disposal team examine suspicious items

Bomb disposal teams were called to examine suspicious items found on a beach.

Southend Coastguard were among the first at the scene near the Shoebury Garrison nature reserve concrete bastion and helped place a 100-metre cordon around the suspected ordnance.

The team sent photos of the items over to the army’s explosive ordnance disposal experts who carried out analysis of the pictures and measurements of the items.


They were eventually able to declare the scene safe.

A coastguard spokesman added: “Once the army EOD from Colchester Barracks were in attendance they were able to conduct a more detailed assessment at site and confirmed the items were non explosive and removed the items.


“We would like to thank all members of the public for your patience whilst the cordon was in place allowing the EOD team to assess any risk.”

Canvey Coastguard and Southend Council’s emergency planning officers were also involved in the investigation, which took place around 9.45am yesterday (Wednesday, February 17).

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