Schools in Essex with confirmed coronavirus cases

A number of schools across the country have closed or partially closed due to coronavirus, but how many of them are in Essex?

Only a handful of schools in Essex have been shut or sent pupils home after confirmed cases of Covid-19.

In some cases the whole school has closed, whereas others have sent home the affected individual and ‘bubble’.

A “bubble” can consist of a whole year group, mixed years or a combination of children in a special group, which has been determined by the senior management team.

These are the affected schools so far:

Great Baddow High School, Chelmsford


The headteacher of Great Baddow confirmed that one of the pupils received a positive test for Covid-19.

Headteacher Mr Paul Farmer confirmed that a Year 13 pupil tested positive and the school was working with Public Health England.

Sweyne Park School, Rayleigh


A member of staff tested positive for coronavirus at the school.

Any other staff member or pupil who came into close contact with the affected individual was then sent home.

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A deep clean of all necessary areas then took place and the school remained open to all pupils and staff who weren’t affected.

Thorpedene Primary School, Southend


All year one pupils were sent home after a child tested positive.

Parents were then sent a text alerting them to the situation asking them to collect children in year one immediately.

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Only the one year group bubble were sent home.

Freshwaters Primary Academy, Harlow


The school closed after a number of students displayed coronavirus symptoms and announced it would stay shut until negative test results come back.

At the time they said: “Unfortunately we are still waiting for test results to come back.

“We are unable to open any of the bubbles until will have received confirmation of a negative result.

“Thank you all for bearing with us at this very difficult time.”

Heathlands Primary School, West Bergholt

An entire class of pupils and six members of staff were sent home from the village primary school and told to self-isolate for two weeks after a classmate tested positive. 

Mel Cork, acting headteacher of Heathlands C of E Primary School, said: “This is an isolated incident which has only affected this bubble.

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“All other pupil bubbles are in school, no further action has been taken and we are closely monitoring the situation.”

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