RSPCA rescues swan found hanging in a tree in Flatford

A SWAN found dangling upside down in a tree needed to be rescued by the RSPCA.

The bird was found by a National Trust staff member who called the charity after spotting him hanging from a tree in Flatford, on March 11.

RSPCA inspector Jessica Dayes responded to the call and found the swan was stuck by one of his legs which was caught between the branches of a tree.

Jessica said: “This poor swan had been stuck for quite a while and he did look in a sorry state.


“Luckily one of the National Trust staff members was quite tall so was able to bend the tree down so I could reach the swan and dislodge his foot from the two branches.

“He was a lucky swan, because it all happened so near to a footpath fortunately someone spotted him.

She was concerned about his leg being damaged so she took him to South Essex Wildlife Hospital for them to check him over.

Jessica added: “He had a surface wound to his wing and probably had a numb leg as a result of hanging how he was.

“I’m grateful to everyone who helped with the rescue of this swan.”

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