Police sergeant, Ben McNish, of Benfleet ‘tried to record colleague in shower’

A police sergeant allegedly tried to secretly make a grubby recording of a colleague in the shower and had a disgusting video of a person having sex with a dog.

Det Sgt. Benjamin McNish, 29, tried to film a female officer on his phone while she showered in February last year, a court heard.

Police later seized his phone and other electronics and found a vile video of another woman receiving oral sex from a dog, prosecutors allege.

While she was in the shower the woman allegedly noticed an iPhone at the top of the shelf peering into her shower through the door.

The phone then moved away from the door when she looked at it, the prosecution claim.

McNish, from Benfleet, had been in the shower just before the alleged victim, the court was told.

At Westminster Magistrates’ Court yesterday, McNish appeared in the dock wearing a smart, pale greyish blue shirt and dark blue suit.

He spoke only to confirm his name, address, and nationality as British.

McNish did not enter an official plea, but his solicitor indicted he would plead not guilty.

Prosecutor Misba Majid said: “While she was in the shower she noticed an iPhone at the top of the shelf peering into her shower through the door.

“She noticed that the phone looked away and disappeared. In fact, she believed that she was seeing things but she looked again and saw the phone.

“As a result of this incident, a number of the defendant’s electronic items were interrogated and one of the items found on one of the defendants devices was footage, I believe, of extreme pornographic nature.

“It is described as footage which shows a female being given oral sex by a dog. This is what constitutes an extreme phonographic image.”

Robert Morris, defending the police officer, told District Judge Angus Hamilton his client pleaded not guilty to one charge of observing a person doing a private act for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification knowing that the person did not consent to being observed for your sexual gratification and a second charge of possessing an extreme pornographic image.

McNish told the court he wanted to be put on trial in front of a jury at a crown court instead of in front of magistrate’s.

He is next due to appear at Southwark Crown Court on August 14.

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