‘Our vibrant Chelsea loved to save the lives of others’

EMOTIONAL tributes have been paid after the death a biking fanatic, who had been saving lives in a Covid-19 unit after retraining as a nurse.

Chelsea O’Rawe-Hobbs, 29, from Canvey, who had been working at the Royal London Hospital, died after a crash in Cambridge on Sunday.

Friends and family paid tribute to the biking fan who retrained as a nurse after losing a former boyfriend in a crash.

Mum Maggi O’Rawe-Hobbs said: “She was out with friends last Sunday and was a very experienced rider and I think something just spooked her and she put the brakes on quickly and came off the bike.

“In August 2012 she decided to be a support worker for disabled people and then became a nurse in intensive care after the death of a former boyfriend.

“She was so grateful for the support by medical workers for her boyfriend. For the last eight years she’s been a nurse and worked at the Royal London Hospital.

“Helping people and giving back was a huge passion for her. She also worked on a Covid-19 ward and spoke about the affect on her. She was vibrant, witty, hilarious, sarcastic and very cheeky.

“She was very close with her dad and brothers, Kevin, Connar and Laine Hobbs.”

The 52-year-old said her daughter was passionate about organ donation and the family takes comfort in her organs helping other people.

She said the dad and brothers are struggling.

She added: “Her boyfriend Chris Green was broken but was with Chelsea in her last moments and got into bed with her, the hospital staff were amazing.

“A Facebook page has been set up with so many nice messages and that’s a great comfort. Lots of people want to come to the funeral but it’ll be restricted due to coronavirus.”

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