Heartbreak for Canvey family as twin sister dies in pregnancy

A COUPLE have been left heartbroken after a twin died during a lockdown pregnancy.

Monique and Lewis Southey were expecting to welcome two bundles of joy into the world in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

While Payten Belle Autumn Southey was born on July 9, Autumn Pearl Southey sadly passed away less than 25 weeks into the pregnancy.

Monique, 30, from Canvey Island, is still struggling to come to terms with the tragic incident.

She said: “Payten is an IVF baby from a frozen double embryo transfer at the Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic in Wickford.

“Both embryos were taken and all was well. We found out at 16 weeks through a private scan that we had two little girls.

“But at 24 weeks and six days, through a regular growth scan in Southend – the first Lewis wasn’t able to attend because of Covid-19 – we were given the devastating news that twin two had passed.

“It came as a complete shock as it is really rare to happen in a non-identical twin pregnancy.

“There was no reason as to why it happened.”


Rainbow baby – Payten was born on July 9, but twin sister Autumn tragically passed away during the pregnancy

The tragic loss of Autumn made the remainder of the pregnancy particularly testing for Monique.

She added: “Autumn’s passing made the rest of the pregnancy really hard.

“I had to carry Autumn for the rest of the pregnancy for Payten’s sake and grieve for our baby at the same time.


“I was also told that I was at risk of premature labour, so every week that went by was a bonus. We had weekly scans for our own piece of mind to ensure everything was fine with Payten.”

Thankfully, Payten is healthy and enjoying life at her Canvey home.


Two hours old – Payten

Monique is full of praise for Southend Hospital as staff offered support after the twins were delivered via C-section.

She admitted: “I couldn’t fault the staff at Southend Hospital – they were fantastic.

“We were assigned a bereavement midwife who helped us cope and checked in on us regularly as well as allowing us to have extra scans.

“All of the midwives were brilliant. Once the babies were delivered, we were given a bereavement suite so that Lewis could stay with me because that wouldn’t have been possible on a regular ward due to Covid-19.

“We also got to spend time with Autumn in the suite and were given a memory box to take home with hand and footprints along with other momentos.”

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