Firefighters rescue two dogs trapped in a pipe for three hours

FIREFIGHTERS worker for three hours to rescue two dogs from a 15 metre long pipe.

The curious canines, Amy and Bud, had been chasing a badger when they became trapped in the pipe on Mutton Row, Ongar.

Their worried owner had left home for a short walk without her phone and flagged down a passing runner who used what3words – an app that can pinpoint your location – to help fire crews find them.

Firefighters worked with the landowner to dig the dogs out of the pipe.

Using chimney rods, small tools and the landowner’s digger, the team cleared a path for the dogs to crawl out.

The two Jack Russells were safely returned to their owner by 1.21pm after getting stuck at 9.40am.

Station Manager Evan Jellis said: “This wasn’t a straightforward job for us, it was a slow process to dig away at the mud that had fallen either side of the pipe to rescue the dogs.

“It was hard work but with some quick thinking, we were able to rescue the dogs safely.”


Firefighters digging the dogs out of the pipe 

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