Canvey: Arrest after ‘erratic’ driver went for cocaine-fuelled 3am drive

AN ARREST was made after police caught a driver going for a cocaine-fuelled 3am joy ride.

The Castle Point Local Policing Team were conducting patrols overnight when they pulled over an “erratic” driver.

The incident, which happened on Sunday, took place at 3am on Canvey.

A spokesman for the team said: “Our local policing teams patrol all over the Castle Point district, on 7th March a vehicle was seen at 3am driving erratically and made a bit of an effort to avoid police.

“Eventually it was stopped on Canvey, the driver admitted using cocaine and was drug tested.” 

The team said a person was arrested at the scene on suspicion of drug driving.

They have since been released under investigation pending further blood test results.

Report crime to police on 101.

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