Basildon Covid: Here are the areas where cases are falling

Covid cases in Basildon are falling steadily – official figures have revealed.

New Government figures show the number of cases are dropping after various spikes.

The borough was ranked first, second and then six in the UK worse hit areas.

Here are the areas where it’s dropping:

Billericay North East

Total cases 76 -5.0%

Billericay Central & Sunnymede

Total cases 77 -12.5%

Basildon Central & Pipps Hill

Total cases 95 -12.8%

Felmore & Bowers Gifford

Total cases 75 -8.5%

Wickford North East

Total cases 57 -17.4%

Wickford Shotgate

Total cases 88 -11.1%

Whitmore Way & Fremnells

Total cases 101 -17.9%

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