Barleylands, Billericay, plans to build a new crazy golf course

FAMILIES could soon enjoy a round of crazy golf while visiting their favourite farmyard animals in exciting new plans.

Barleylands, in Billericay, is embarking on ambitions plans to create an 18-hole course, in a move which will “bring family and friends together.”

The golf course will feature an array of animal themes including a huge Noah’s Ark built as part of one of the holes on the course.

The plans, submitted to Basildon Council this week, have been lauded by families in Billericay.

Mike Andrews, the chair of the Billericay Residents Association, said: “Barleylands is really a great place for families to go, and this really help that.

“We used to take the grandkids there quite a lot.

“You’ve got the animals and the workshops there which are popular.

“Parking isn’t an issue there either, there’s plenty of space down there.

“There isn’t much criticism you can say of the plans, I think it’s a great idea.”

The golf course, just off the farm on Barleylands Road, will see jungle, desert, Antarctic, artic, and a farm yard zones all created.

The Noah’s Ark will see both an indoor hole, and part of the course on top.

Some of the holes include water features, an animal raft, an iceberg raft, waterfalls, and caves.

Phil Turner, Tory councillor for Billericay west, added: “Barleylands is something Billericay can be proud of.

“They’ve done a sterling job down there, it’s very popular.

“Outside of the pandemic, I would go down there more than ten times a year.

“I can see the golf course being popular with families.

“The farm is out of the town, but you can’t say it’s out of town shopping either.

“The quality of goods you can get down there is excellent. The workshops all feel very natural.”

Barleylands has been hit hard by the pandemic, with the farm park remaining closed for much of 2020 and this year so far.

Bosses at the farm park introduced an assault course for it’s baby animals last year, which went down a treat with their foals and chicks.

The golf course plans will be voted on at a later date.

Barleylands was contacted for comment.

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